Peace Corps Playlist

Originally I was going to put this list together from scratch but upon consulting iTunes “top 25 most played,” with a few alterations, it hit it pretty much square on the head.  This assortment of songs and my mobile SonicImpact F2 lithium-battery speaker system kept me going from morning to night and well beyond.  Each of these songs has a special place in my Peace Corps experience, some shared below, and I am happy and content to share them with you.  This blogger has never been one to keep a close eye on music hot off the mixing board but he does attempt to keep it eclectic and tuned to moods.  I hope you enjoy.


Play as you browse:

Song                                     Artist                           Album

1. Good Things                                   Aloe Blacc                               Good Things*

≈ Its the happiest break- up song I know.  I dare you not to feel good when listening

2. The Swimming Song                     Loudon Wainwright III         Attempted Mustache

3. The Way You Do the  Things You Do         Jerry Garcia Band              Jerry Garcia Band

≈ This became my morning routine song.  Always out of the shower by one Garcia solo.

4. Dog Days Are Over                      Florence + The Machine           It’s Not Goodbye…**

≈ Rachel returned from India and somewhere along that trip caught a freakish love of this song.

5. Bit By Bit                                        Hot Buttered Rum                The Olive Sessions

6. Hard Livin’                                     Railroad Earth                       Amen Corner

≈ Great for long bike rides in beautiful scenery

7. Sweet Tequila Blues              Chip Taylor &  Carrie Rodriguez           Putumayo- Americano

8. Megna’s                                          Tim O’Brien                           Chameleon

9. The Other Side                              Ryan Bingham                       Mescalito***

10. D’Gary Jam                                     Béla Fleck                               Throw Down Your Heart

≈ Found this song on a road trip in New Mexico and it seems to fit everywhere I go

11. Shoot The Moon                          Norah Jones                           Come Away With Me

12. Previsao                                       Bossacucanova              Putumayo- Brazilian Lounge

13. Window Seat                               Erykah Badu                          New Amerykah

14. Sam Fi Man                                  Stanley Beckford                   Putumayo- The Caribbean

≈ Used it to cook tortillas, the beat would keep me in step so that each flip was timed perfectly.  Back, front, back, front, spin, flip.

15. California Earthquake                John Hartford                        Gentle On My Mind

16. The Littlest Birds                        The Be Good Tanyas             Blue Horse

17. Apple Scruffs                               George Harrison                    All Things Must Pass

18. Be My Lady                                  The Meters                            Funkify You Life

19. Chain Gang                                  Otis Redding                          Otis!

20. Mariana                                       Bia                                           Putumayo- Brazilian Lounge

21. Home                          Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros           It’s Not Goodbye…

22. Bound to Ride                             Greensky Bluegrass              Tuesday Letter

23. Bombs Over Baghdad                Outkast                                   Stankonia

≈ Anytime I had to get the kids up for a game, this song would keep us moving.  We would pass a ball around and when the music stopped who ever had it would ask a question.    

24. Essaywhuman!!! !                        The Roots                               Do You Want More?!!!??!

25. Same Love                                   Macklemore X Ryan Lewis      The Heist

Below are songs that are on the original Top 25 but have been replaced because they are from the same album.

*          You Make Me Smile    &   Take Me Back ,                 Aloe Blacc

**         Off a mixed CD given to me by a friend before leaving

***       Southside Of Heaven    &   Bread And Water ,               Ryan Bingham

I would also like to give some love for “Big Easy Express.” A documentary following Old Crow Medicine Show, Mumford & Sons, and Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros on their tour-by-train from California to New Orleans.  Each time Rachel and I would watch it we would well up with emotion and excitement for our return to live music with passion.  It was instant transport to everything we love about the musical experience.  Beer, Banjos, and Greasy Hair.

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  1. colftfoodie says:

    It looks like I’m going to be researching on itunes. Can’t wait to go to some concerts with you

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